Eight now

Note No.40 16th May, 2017 #
Eight now, photo 1
Eight now, photo 2
Eight now, photo 3
Eight now, photo 4
Eight now, photo 5

Regardless of the weather, Atom celebrated its eighth birthday.

Overcast, rain and cold are not hindrance if the team is feeling positive. In order to worsen, we've decided to dive into water, slush and off-road.

The company “Kvadropiter” equip us by ATVs and instructor Nikita, who accompanied us through the forests, the hills, the fords and smashed trails during our three hours trip. A storm of adrenaline, new emotions and picturesque surroundings enthralled! Two colleagues opened the swimming season right on the ATV in their clothes =)

So, we've started the ninth year. Plans, as usual, are enormous, the batteries are recharged!

Corporate library

Note No.39 17th March, 2017 #

NBM Group started a library on our initiative and with our support.

· Improving the professional level of staff literacy and erudition without distraction from work.
· Initiation of self-education. The formation of the learning environment. Reducing the cost of training.
· Engaging employees in the company-oriented development. Stimulating the search of ideas for optimization and development.
· The union, the creation of an atmosphere of common interest in the case, the exchange of experience and information. Mediated implementation of corporate standards.
· Development and support of communication outside threads — improving understanding.
· Formation of knowledge bank, the foundation for the development of a learning organization. Generating effective managerial decisions.
· Increase the employee loyalty.

The first books were (and we highly recommend to read it):
· 45 tattoos of manager — Maxim Batyrev.
· 45 tattoos of prodavan — Maxim Batyrev.
· Customers for life — Carl Sewell and Paul Brown.
· Delivering happiness — Tony Hsieh.
· REWORK — Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.
· Agreed — Maxim Batyrev, Igor Mann, Anna Turusina.
· Write, reduce — Maxim Iliyakhov, Lyudmila Sarycheva.
· Deadline — Tom DeMarco.
· Screw it, let's do it — Richard Branson.
· The goal — Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox.
· 7 habits of highly effective people — Steven R. Covey.

The companies and the employees themselves will fill the library. We also entered the league of reading companies of the publishing house “MIF”.

We thank the leadership of the NBM Group for the attention to the issue and sensitivity to the lives of employees.

Bye, the sixteenth!

Note No.37 31th December, 2016 #

A few words about the past year and the estimations for the next one.

Summing up 2016 for the Atom, there is a clear consolidation vector. We tightly joined the group of companies “NBM”, strengthening the occupied niche. Established communication, respect the colleagues and commitment to a common goal will certainly bring success. Working at the group, we see the main purpose of the Atom in assistance with it: automating and streamlining business interactions within the companies and between it.

At the end of the year the staff had changed, but the skeleton of the company remained the same. We save ones who are ready and willing to grow and develop, however, the same benchmarks became the reason of losing a colleague. Once we had to say goodbye to Alexandra and return her back, and now we have to part with her again. We hope that this is the last time — Sasha, we wish you a successful assimilation in the new country! So, we need a competent marketer again, waiting for summaries.

Our managing director is developing his new role. We glad to see and strongly support the desire for growth and development. Keep it up, Sergey!

In total: we have lots of tasks and lots of plans. We wish the readers of our journal and those who follow us in social networks, the interesting, ambitious and all-consuming tasks, the continuous development and new achievements. Happy New Year!


Note No.35 27th September, 2016 #
For HLS, photo 1
For HLS, photo 2
For HLS, photo 3
For HLS, photo 4

We are different, but united regarding to a healthy lifestyle.

Some of us regularly go to work on foot, it can be four or even ten kilometers, the others use bicycle for it. Some run over tens and hundreds of kilometers a year, some engaged in the gym for years, and the only one colleague-smoker has switched to electronic cigarettes.

Atom supports positive initiatives, so we do not ignore the World Day without a car and help in sports events, such as Sunday's grappling and MMA tournament.

Managed well

Note No.34 23th August, 2016 #
Managed well

The most important signature without an attorney.

On Friday, August 19, our managing director Sergey Khokhlov had married!

We sincerely congratulate the young family. We wish understanding, patience and willingness to compromise that is the key to long and happy life together in addition to good luck and a lot of children !

Business offers and cases

Note No.33 17th August, 2016 #

We've created a couple of documents for our potential customers.

Business offers for 1C-automation and system administration. Also there are some cases of our work: the first part and the second one.

Our development department is expanding, so we'll keep the documents up to date.

Сorpuscular changes

Note No.32 04th July, 2016 #

Changing the Atom. The results are shown.

The changes, which we mentioned last six months, take place as planned. One of the most tangible is — the appointment of Sergey Khokhlov a managing director, and it is not formal. We needed a person capable and, most importantly, willing to undertake the hard work of the Atom's operational management. We do not doubt that Sergey will cope, and our customers meet extremely positive changes adscititious by him.

We systematically put things in order in the company's structure, documentation, adjust the direction of development.

The restructuring of the company is connected, in part, with a symmetrical process at NBM Group. We adapt according to the realities of building a single mighty entity.

Сorpuscular changes invariably lead to atomic!

Atom is seven years old

Note No.30 17th May, 2016 #
Atom is seven years old, photo 1
Atom is seven years old, photo 2
Atom is seven years old, photo 3
Atom is seven years old, photo 4
Atom is seven years old, photo 5
Atom is seven years old, photo 6
Atom is seven years old, photo 7
Atom is seven years old, photo 8
Atom is seven years old, photo 9
Atom is seven years old, photo 10
Atom is seven years old, photo 11
Atom is seven years old, photo 12
Atom is seven years old, photo 13
Atom is seven years old, photo 14
Atom is seven years old, photo 15
Atom is seven years old, photo 16
Atom is seven years old, photo 17

Last Friday-the thirteenth, we've celebrated the seventh birthday of the company.

This time we've selected the dungeon, the Sablino caves. Sergey Dmitrievich, our guide, moved us through the maze of natural monument, told about its geological component. Impressions of stay at twenty meter depth at +8°C was complemented by wonderful summer weather, the view of the waterfall and excellent barbecue.

This year is significant for Atom. Reform gradually enter the peak phase. Soon there will be personnel movements, which will determine the future of the company. Such moments reinforce the team, expanding the boundaries of possibilities.

Let's see what happens. We will keep you informed!


Note No.27 31th December, 2015 #

Breaking the silence.

2015 year has been traditionally difficult but interesting and full of innovations. And let the year started with problems, we finished it effectively:
– we have implemented new CIS in CJSC “Splav-M” and now we have almost completed the project of comprehensive upgrade of CIS in JSC “Energomash”,
– we have launched the remote office of a new customer in a nearby city,
– we have launchedKokui”, useful service, new to us and the city,
– we have closed “Atom-Plastic”, getting high and keep moving.

It was a year of unprecedented trials and overcoming them, that become the reason of new experiences.

The list of employees has also changed. During the year we have hired twice and thrice broke up with colleagues. Nonsense, but personnel changes were so harmonious, that in each case both parties were satisfied. We enter the next year with a proven, strong team, able to solve the problems of 2016, which will not be easy (at least mathematically: the nearest prime number is 2017).

In concluding the post, we wish you health, courage in the choice of goals, the forces to overcome adversity, hunger to develop, new emotions and a positive attitude! A formal performance is not the main thing. The proper guidance, no fear of movement, obtained emotions and impressions are much more important. Those who receive pleasure from the process, surpass the ones who blindly focused on the numbers.

P. S. We are getting closer — sign up for Atomic Instagram.

Step back but two forward

Note No.24 27th October, 2015 #

We have closed the Atom-Plastic.

One year and two months ago we have launched a line of plastic cards. We have conducted the market analysis, bought equipment, hired a seller, marketer and raised a production worker. We have decided a lot of problems in logistics, production, marketing, labor relations, even have time to try to work from abroad. Each month surprised us. Unpleasant ones forced to learn the nuances and to debug processes. Pleasant became a reward for persistence. Only one thing remained unchanged — our commitment to quality.

During the work, we have established relationships with dozens of companies. Single failures occurred, but in the mass customers were satisfied with the result. New connections allowed to implement projects in other directions. One of such projects was the discount system and its full functional site for the St. Petersburg property developer.

We have developed an adequate and flexible pricing policy. Even the sharp depreciation of the ruble at the end of last year did not become fatal for the Atom-Plastic, although consumable material price have risen in half to two times.

We could save the direction, but it have performed the tasks set. Atom-Plastic was not supposed to be another “whale” holding Atom afloat. We see the end of epoch of plastic cards. When technologies like NFC is gaining momentum, card holder with discount cards in it is a relic of the past.

Atom-Plastic was a tracer shot. We have plunged into a new realm, gathered invaluable experience, draw conclusions. We feel that we have got the most out of the situation, so we have closed Atom-Plastic with a clear conscience.

Last week we spent to save the conscience clear. We can not quietly disappear, leaving loyal customers. Before closing, we chose a competitor that is not ashamed to pass orders to. A competitor relies on plastic cards, concentrating efforts on it. As a result, production is cheaper and ready sooner than our. The first cross-order showed an adequate quality, so we are calm for our clients.

In addition to experience Atom-Plastic gave us wonderful colleagues. And during closing the direction, we have not cut staff. We sent the released resources for the development of Kokui.

Completing this post, we thank those who have entrusted us with the execution of their orders. We will be happy to continue the cooperation in the framework of existing or newly acquired competencies!

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