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Note No.11 17th February, 2015

1C:8 “ERP” is implemented in CJSC “Splav-M”.

After a month of active work in 1C:8 we can report about the successful implementation of a new IS in CJSC “Splav-M”!

The development has been completed in July, but the launch was postponed to January 2015 due to the need of year-end closing using the previous IS.

The time delay was spent in useful way: the customer team has tested IS and has formulated suggestions. Its implementation has simplified the transition.

The transition was rather difficult. Employees who worked in old IS for decades, bought one important feature — the habit. This circumstances are the reason of negative attitude to any innovation. However, after a series of presentations and extensive consulting work, we have reached an understanding of the principles of work with the new system.

We've undertook a detailed analysis and implemented subsystems:
- reference data,
– supply (with the full mechanism of the decomposition),
- accounting (including 1C:PPM — system of payroll and personnel management),
- production and shipment,
- customer orders.

All implemented modules come with detailed analytics and well documented.

We want to thank the management of CJSC “Splav-M” for attention to the task as well as a number of key employees who were brave enough to go thru the difficult process of changing the usual operation system.

Today the project has smoothly passed from the stage of implementation to the stage of maintenance. The first step of serious automation is made. The next one, for sure, will not keep us waiting!

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