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Note No.12 06th April, 2015
The Duma session in the process.
The Duma session in the process.

The results of the online voting conducted by the Duma of Veliky Novgorod with our support.

Today, at a special meeting the composition of the Youth Chamber of the Duma of Veliky Novgorod, defined by a vote supported by us, was approved.

March 29 Duma held the first internet-voting this magnitude on its website. We were ready to meet the discontent of the “sofa analysts” both before and after the vote. We were not surprised by the result.

Voting procedures was soft — there was only one limitation: visitor could leave the vote only once per hour. But the first ten minutes showed us that the candidates (not everyone) have decided to play unfairly.

As a result, almost quarter of all registered votes did not meet the rules of determination the doubtful ones:
- IP-address of the voter does not apply to Russia;
- several votes left during one hour with the same device, but with the different IP-addresses.

Following the event, we have prepared and published a detailed and clear report of the voting process. Some curious information can be found in it. Ror example, it showed that one of the candidates doubtful votes quantity reached almost 59%, most of it came during the last thirty minutes of voting. Of course, his (or any other candidate) relatives or friends can leave outside of Russia. However, it is doubtful that they live in more than twenty-five countries.

Granted freedom not only unleashed the cheaters, it also lulled their vigilance, allowing us to easily identify questionable votes and advice the Duma not to count it. And despite numerous baseless remarks in the forums and in the local media, today deputies recognized the validity of our recommendations and approved the composition of the Youth Chamber.

This vote — the second one we've supported — allowed to identify bottlenecks and develop a set of recommendations for the organizers. The next time it will be much more difficult to cheat ;)

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