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Note No.13 29th April, 2015

Spam is for non pro.

We receive partnership offers regularly. It is great because we always strive to improve the quality and expand the range of services offered. Therefore, reliable, professional partners are always needed.

Unfortunately, the quantity of “business coaches” greatly increased. As in any business, there are a bit of professionals among them. As a result, most of them are the charlatans who earn money by telling a stories about how to make a money. A direct consequence of popularization is of goofy cold roll calls as the evolution of sales.

Today we've received three calls and that's not the  limit. Every talk is about the same: the banal imposing of unnecessary services. It is so not because they are really unnecessary (for example the concrete supply for us, the IT-company), but because formulaic, impersonal attitude is perceived by us as a lack of respect.

One thing about the specifics. We can confidently say that word of mouth is one of the best ways to share the information. Despite the fact that we are not working with the construction, write us if you sell a good concrete. We are in contact with representatives of various businesses. Some of them can be interested in your services. But do not send a broadcast spam.

The general recommendation — do not think stereotyped (think different ;). Do not call rigidly scripted, practicing objections as it is written in the manual, this is ridiculous. At least you will be pleased to do something, to bring benefit and not be trivial repeater working on quantity rather than quality. By the way, a phrase like “I'll call you back in a two weeks” means only one thing — I will add your phone number to blacklist. We read all incoming correspondence and we will react if (when) we are interested in your offer.

Finally, accent correctly. If you are targeting the masses, your offer is not for us, it's for those who order the sites costed five thousand rubles via ads found at the fences. And if you focus on thinking people then show your respect. Summing up, stay real. Do not use stupid spam letters and phone calls. Just let the potential customer know about you and be able to find you when he'll want. If your product or service is worth, the success will come soon!

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