Meet the fifteenth!

Note No.10 31th December, 2014
New year office update — wall logo.
New year office update — wall logo.

Summing up, looking into the future.

Two thousand fourteenth was not simple one for us, but productive. Each branch has shown steady growth, with a series of significant projects.

In addition, we launched the Atom-Plastic, gaining momentum and marked the beginning of the horizontal scale of the company.

We have increased the number and not by the colleagues only. In 2014 the three employees had children!

And in 2015 we are not going to stagnate or even to give up. Yes, it will be difficult, but we are convinced of the truth of the thesis “a crisis is a time of new opportunities”. We have already outlined a number of innovations that will allow not only more confident to stand on our feet, but to make the next step forward. Soon we will introduce the updated, more powerful Atom 2.0!

We wish to share our desire to develop, courage in the implementation of ambitious projects and, of course, good health and harmony at home! See you.

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