Note No.27 31th December, 2015

Breaking the silence.

2015 year has been traditionally difficult but interesting and full of innovations. And let the year started with problems, we finished it effectively:
– we have implemented new CIS in CJSC “Splav-M” and now we have almost completed the project of comprehensive upgrade of CIS in JSC “Energomash”,
– we have launched the remote office of a new customer in a nearby city,
– we have launchedKokui”, useful service, new to us and the city,
– we have closed “Atom-Plastic”, getting high and keep moving.

It was a year of unprecedented trials and overcoming them, that become the reason of new experiences.

The list of employees has also changed. During the year we have hired twice and thrice broke up with colleagues. Nonsense, but personnel changes were so harmonious, that in each case both parties were satisfied. We enter the next year with a proven, strong team, able to solve the problems of 2016, which will not be easy (at least mathematically: the nearest prime number is 2017).

In concluding the post, we wish you health, courage in the choice of goals, the forces to overcome adversity, hunger to develop, new emotions and a positive attitude! A formal performance is not the main thing. The proper guidance, no fear of movement, obtained emotions and impressions are much more important. Those who receive pleasure from the process, surpass the ones who blindly focused on the numbers.

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