11 months until 2017

Note No.28 01th February, 2016

A three-hour trip on the Sapsan — the right time to draw a couple of thoughts.

The reason for the silence is respectful. The last year results and a bold new plan have identified a number of necessary reforms. We spent the first working weeks of the year to review processes and changes planning. After all, we are for evolution, not revolution.

The changes will affect the company's structure, staff (only growth), we will highlight the departments centers and will focus efforts on expanding each one individually. The other way seems strange, but almost all believe in a single vector of development, the merging of departments in the work on the projects while the company is small. But the lessons learned, systematize the views arising from the books and communication with mentors, change the paradigm. New course dictates new rules, and we accept the challenge.

In addition to planning innovation and maintenance of ongoing projects, we've already faced with an increased volume of offers. Word of mouth reaches new destinations. We are not ready to compromise on quality, that's why we have to refuse some projects. We plan to update the structure and rules of procedure to increase the effectiveness and it's result — the ability to create much more cool stuff.

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