Without a rival

Note No.29 05th April, 2016

About the companiy uniqueness.

Working almost seven years in our industry, expertise and geography, Atom has not found the competitors. And it's not because of the niche narrowness.

The term “rivalry” is defined by russian part of Wikipedia as the competition in any field in order to obtain benefits. Atom is not unique, but there are defitinely no similar companies in Velikiy Novgorod. The point is in the definition of this benefits.

Typical companies select simply the financial profit or capitalization as an aim of its business. We are not the same. It may sound bombastic, but our aim is the satisfaction of our customers, participating in interesting projects and achieving ambitious strategic goals.

The company's profitability is a major component of successful functioning, however, in our case it is only the result of policies, not a goal. Yes, we use the opportunities given to us by membership in the NBM Group. And yes, these opportunities are a rarity. But thanks to it, the quality of our services is a priori higher than those who work for the sake of survival, or, much worse, for show.

And while some flaunt about three integration projects, two of which are ridiculous, and the third one is the reason of litigation in three instances with the customer, we are continuing our ongoing fruitful work.

Current activities, new projects, and current Atom restructuring does not leave time for this journal. Soon we will correct this occasion or will close a section, as faithful to the principle of “do well or not do”.

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