Step back but two forward

Note No.24 27th October, 2015

We have closed the Atom-Plastic.

One year and two months ago we have launched a line of plastic cards. We have conducted the market analysis, bought equipment, hired a seller, marketer and raised a production worker. We have decided a lot of problems in logistics, production, marketing, labor relations, even have time to try to work from abroad. Each month surprised us. Unpleasant ones forced to learn the nuances and to debug processes. Pleasant became a reward for persistence. Only one thing remained unchanged — our commitment to quality.

During the work, we have established relationships with dozens of companies. Single failures occurred, but in the mass customers were satisfied with the result. New connections allowed to implement projects in other directions. One of such projects was the discount system and its full functional site for the St. Petersburg property developer.

We have developed an adequate and flexible pricing policy. Even the sharp depreciation of the ruble at the end of last year did not become fatal for the Atom-Plastic, although consumable material price have risen in half to two times.

We could save the direction, but it have performed the tasks set. Atom-Plastic was not supposed to be another “whale” holding Atom afloat. We see the end of epoch of plastic cards. When technologies like NFC is gaining momentum, card holder with discount cards in it is a relic of the past.

Atom-Plastic was a tracer shot. We have plunged into a new realm, gathered invaluable experience, draw conclusions. We feel that we have got the most out of the situation, so we have closed Atom-Plastic with a clear conscience.

Last week we spent to save the conscience clear. We can not quietly disappear, leaving loyal customers. Before closing, we chose a competitor that is not ashamed to pass orders to. A competitor relies on plastic cards, concentrating efforts on it. As a result, production is cheaper and ready sooner than our. The first cross-order showed an adequate quality, so we are calm for our clients.

In addition to experience Atom-Plastic gave us wonderful colleagues. And during closing the direction, we have not cut staff. We sent the released resources for the development of Kokui.

Completing this post, we thank those who have entrusted us with the execution of their orders. We will be happy to continue the cooperation in the framework of existing or newly acquired competencies!

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