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Note No.26 19th November, 2015

About the passive search agency.

Real estate agency work on two principles according to the reward payer. One of the Novgorod agency takes money only from owners.

The business idea is primitive. Hanging banner at the entrance to the place, they get a win-win position. A potential tenant calls to the number on the banner and in the case of transaction agency fees are paid by the owner, he was ready. The problem is solved, but not the optimal way. Th  work of the agency is to take a call. It will also check the object in its demand database, and in the case of client visits the office it can provide information. The owner waits not such a passive job. This variant would have the right to exist, but it interferes with fair competition with other agencies and, indirectly, worsens the owners position.

Agency feels relaxed while it is “looking for the tenant”. If the owner turned to another agency and it showed the place to the client, seeing the phone number on the banner, client will call it, having a deal through the passive agency — the owner will pay, not he. Realizing this, no adequate agent will work with the object, as long as banner hangs at the entrance.

Banners, being hung in many areas of the city, creates the imaginary effect of omnipresence and “greatness” of the passive agency. Summing up: the passive agency gets easy money or free advertising, deterring other agencies and let dust in the eyes of the owners.

Transactions without intermediaries are more profitable, and this alternative is provided by Kokui. Developing, it will close all the transaction aspects.

We are not against the agencies, but the development of the Internet sets new standards that will drive some of it from the game. Accelerate the birth of a new era — spread the link to Kokui, our pages on Facebook and VK, this post — help your relatives and friends to save their money. Give them a logical alternative.

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