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Note No.20 25th August, 2015
One of the first Kokui mindmaps.
One of the first Kokui mindmaps.

Kokui is not a competitor of real estate agencies.

Tit or crane is a closed issue. From childhood we are taught that “the best” is worse than “good”. It is time to revise the postulates.

A familiar situation: you go on a shopping center parking lot, looking for a free space and finding doubts — may be you can find a spot closer to the entrance. Some people give up and park there, others go further. It may sound ridiculous on such a scale, but it is an expression of attitudes. Some are looking for new opportunities, others are content available. Number of the second ones is bigger.

There is the same situation with the real estate. Working through the agency is clear and let costly, but for some is acceptable. The others agree because they don't see the alternative way.

We do Kokui to reveal this alternative way. The owners should understand that they can work without intermediaries. But Kokui is not the opposition of the competent realtor. A true professional in demand in any industry, but amateurs should grow professionally or change the scope of activities.

At first, Kokui is a bulletin board. Then we will implement additional services. We have twenty of it into our “road map”. Looking ahead, we see Kokui as a single starting point for the basic real estate activities.

Friedrich Engels formulated the law of development of human society: quantity turns into quality. Vector is set, work in full swing — the success is inevitable!

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