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Note No.25 05th November, 2015
The sneak peak of new partition. Coming soon.
The sneak peak of new partition. Coming soon.

As well as it should be.

Current Kokui does not contain a commercial basis, but a planned development and promotion of the project is impossible without additional costs. Kokui is free of charge for owners and those seeking property — it is the basis of the project. So it was, is and will be until the project alive.

The advertising will pay for development. We also hate the mass imposition of unnecessary goods or services, thats why we tried to make the advertising in Kokui narrowly focused and useful.

Web services owners traditionally use Yandex.Direct or Google AdSense for monetization, but auto advertising is not a solution. It base ads on search queries. Looking for winter tires — you will see a commercial of tire centers in half of the visited sites during the next week. Such advertising works rarely, it is irrelevant, people ignore it.

Kokui is different. We abandoned automated systems in favor of a careful, thoughtful approach. We don't sell advertising space, and invite companies to cooperate. Each proposal will be held for manual processing and we will set a location for each banner. The advertisement will be seen only by those who are probably interested in the proposal. Visitors get the unobtrusive and benefit and the advertiser gets the targeting of his message.

We invite suppliers of goods and services useful for Kokui visitors to cooperate. For questions regarding advertising please write us.

We don't have a price list yet, the conditions are determined individually. We are ready to work for barter with companies that have well-developed communities. In gratitude for the fact that you follow the Kokui, the first two applicants during the next ten days will get the banners placement in November for free!

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