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Note No.21 03th September, 2015
3D model of the office.
3D model of the office.
Office plan.
Office plan.

We've launched new client's office in a hundred kilometers from Velikiy Novgorod.

The task was to organize the work of the company from scratch. We conducted requirements audit, choose the appropriate hardware and software, organized the order and delivery to the office. We also participated in issues of redevelopment office areas, wiring, providing the internet and other related tasks.

For LAN design and layout of workplaces we have developed a three-dimensional model of the office and amounted the technical specifications for construction and service organizations.

At this moment we are finishing the testing infrastructure in place.

As a result, the company received a server group for special tasks and mail service, domain structure and computer park with full range of office equipment, direct VPN-channel with nonresident counterparty.

During operation we have improved communications inside our team and with partners, built a system of contacts with the remote client, applied methods for division of roles and acceleration of works.

Good planning and an established partner network allow us to execute the project within one calendar month. From now on we will delight the customer with our support!

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