The tools

Note No.22 14th September, 2015

Our assistants in planning and achieving goals.

Communication is a workflow basis. Inside the Atom we use a number of information systems to address emerging challenges.

Four major customers use the Synapse. It's request system keeps track of tasks and consumables. Technical service and automation department get everyday tasks from Synapse. And the regular internal briefs and client meetings set the direction of work.

Wunderlist helps us with strategic planning. Easy project management, collaborate on tasks, comments and other necessary aspects coupled with the client for all platforms make it a reliable assistant.

Operational communication supports by Telegram, that replaced the Skype for us. Easy file sharing, group work and voice messages make a small tasks solution enjoyable.

A couple of weeks ago we started to use Trello for Kokui. Selecting the scrum methodology, we keep track of sprints in it. Judging by the developer's blog, the potential of the tool is not limited by it. We hypothetically consider Trello as a potential alternative to Wanderlist due to the recent acquisition of it by Microsoft.

Now, depending on urgency and volume of the tasks we use: voice/telephone, Telegram, email, Wunderlist/Trello. We leave Microsoft Project and other monsters to huge guys and those who play them =)

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