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Note No.23 02th October, 2015
The view from the window during the vacations.
The view from the window during the vacations.
The new Kokui logo.
The new Kokui logo.

About the work from a distance.

We can tell a lot and tell nothing at the same time. Major projects become a routine, go according to plan for uninteresting lighting. It's curious to study together, to learn something new. We can be an instructor but much later.

Yesterday we had CIS comprehensive update project for one of our clients. Today we've started the CIS global modernization for the second one. The agreement was signed, the timing is hard, but we have competent planning, experience and qualifications so it's not a problem for us.

We completed the office project, has defined the rules of interaction, formalize future cooperation. This year we plan to optimize IT-infrastructure for the next customer: to organize the server room, to set up a mail server, internet gateway with connection of additional communication lines, to transfer the existing equipment.

Our longtime clients have the task to upgrade their websites. We write the requirements specification for it. Two commercial proposals are awaiting of approval. However, the next month or two we put emphasis on Kokui.

The secrets will not disclose. Kokui-team designs and develops three crucial sections for the project along with addition of small useful things. It will become the foundation for commercial interactions with Novgorod companies and will bring Kokui to a new level. Meantime, we can note the growth of citizens interest to the project.

The formation Kokui led to the conclusion about the need to update the logo. The previous one did not cause the emotions that we are laying — brevity, clarity, care. It is not suitable for use on colorful, bright backgrounds, which was highly desirable. Judging by the polls, it has become a familiar and evoke association with the Novgorod region, but desirable novelty is not given. We have solved this problem with the new style.

This post is written at ten kilometers above the earth, two thousand kilometers from Velikiy Novgorod. The next one will probably illuminate the issue of administration the team during the vacation. We will check the quality of training and make conclusions for the future. Have a nice weekend!

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