Сorpuscular changes

Note No.32 04th July, 2016

Changing the Atom. The results are shown.

The changes, which we mentioned last six months, take place as planned. One of the most tangible is — the appointment of Sergey Khokhlov a managing director, and it is not formal. We needed a person capable and, most importantly, willing to undertake the hard work of the Atom's operational management. We do not doubt that Sergey will cope, and our customers meet extremely positive changes adscititious by him.

We systematically put things in order in the company's structure, documentation, adjust the direction of development.

The restructuring of the company is connected, in part, with a symmetrical process at NBM Group. We adapt according to the realities of building a single mighty entity.

Сorpuscular changes invariably lead to atomic!

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