Corporate library

Note No.39 17th March, 2017

NBM Group started a library on our initiative and with our support.

· Improving the professional level of staff literacy and erudition without distraction from work.
· Initiation of self-education. The formation of the learning environment. Reducing the cost of training.
· Engaging employees in the company-oriented development. Stimulating the search of ideas for optimization and development.
· The union, the creation of an atmosphere of common interest in the case, the exchange of experience and information. Mediated implementation of corporate standards.
· Development and support of communication outside threads — improving understanding.
· Formation of knowledge bank, the foundation for the development of a learning organization. Generating effective managerial decisions.
· Increase the employee loyalty.

The first books were (and we highly recommend to read it):
· 45 tattoos of manager — Maxim Batyrev.
· 45 tattoos of prodavan — Maxim Batyrev.
· Customers for life — Carl Sewell and Paul Brown.
· Delivering happiness — Tony Hsieh.
· REWORK — Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.
· Agreed — Maxim Batyrev, Igor Mann, Anna Turusina.
· Write, reduce — Maxim Iliyakhov, Lyudmila Sarycheva.
· Deadline — Tom DeMarco.
· Screw it, let's do it — Richard Branson.
· The goal — Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox.
· 7 habits of highly effective people — Steven R. Covey.

The companies and the employees themselves will fill the library. We also entered the league of reading companies of the publishing house “MIF”.

We thank the leadership of the NBM Group for the attention to the issue and sensitivity to the lives of employees.

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