Eight now

Note No.40 16th May, 2017
Eight now, photo 1
Eight now, photo 2
Eight now, photo 3
Eight now, photo 4
Eight now, photo 5

Regardless of the weather, Atom celebrated its eighth birthday.

Overcast, rain and cold are not hindrance if the team is feeling positive. In order to worsen, we've decided to dive into water, slush and off-road.

The company “Kvadropiter” equip us by ATVs and instructor Nikita, who accompanied us through the forests, the hills, the fords and smashed trails during our three hours trip. A storm of adrenaline, new emotions and picturesque surroundings enthralled! Two colleagues opened the swimming season right on the ATV in their clothes =)

So, we've started the ninth year. Plans, as usual, are enormous, the batteries are recharged!

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