Bye, the sixteenth!

Note No.37 31th December, 2016

A few words about the past year and the estimations for the next one.

Summing up 2016 for the Atom, there is a clear consolidation vector. We tightly joined the group of companies “NBM”, strengthening the occupied niche. Established communication, respect the colleagues and commitment to a common goal will certainly bring success. Working at the group, we see the main purpose of the Atom in assistance with it: automating and streamlining business interactions within the companies and between it.

At the end of the year the staff had changed, but the skeleton of the company remained the same. We save ones who are ready and willing to grow and develop, however, the same benchmarks became the reason of losing a colleague. Once we had to say goodbye to Alexandra and return her back, and now we have to part with her again. We hope that this is the last time — Sasha, we wish you a successful assimilation in the new country! So, we need a competent marketer again, waiting for summaries.

Our managing director is developing his new role. We glad to see and strongly support the desire for growth and development. Keep it up, Sergey!

In total: we have lots of tasks and lots of plans. We wish the readers of our journal and those who follow us in social networks, the interesting, ambitious and all-consuming tasks, the continuous development and new achievements. Happy New Year!

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