The website of LLC “Promtekhreshenie”

Note No.36 28th November, 2016 #
The website of LLC “Promtekhreshenie”

Despite the disruptions, the company acquired its internet-face.

The company produces and sells pipe fittings. It differs from similar with own design solutions and allowing the Russian production only: from raw material to the assembly.

LLC “Promtekhreshenie” is the official representative and partner of the CJSC “Splav-M”. This partnership is an interweaving of fifteen years experience with new technological solutions. A curious symbiosis is reflected in the design of the site, unusual for companies of this kind.

We wish the company success and a bold new achievements!

The website of LLC “T-ARM”

Note No.31 19th May, 2016 #
The website of LLC “T-ARM”

It is time to replace the temporary website with a proper one.

Having existed for seven months and after completing the task, the temporary website gave a way to a full-featured one. Get to know the company better.

The project was the first work with a new partner. After learning the nuances of interaction, we are ready to complete the next one more clearly. Check it yourself =)

Advertising in Kokui

Note No.25 05th November, 2015 #
The sneak peak of new partition. Coming soon.
The sneak peak of new partition. Coming soon.

As well as it should be.

Current Kokui does not contain a commercial basis, but a planned development and promotion of the project is impossible without additional costs. Kokui is free of charge for owners and those seeking property — it is the basis of the project. So it was, is and will be until the project alive.

The advertising will pay for development. We also hate the mass imposition of unnecessary goods or services, thats why we tried to make the advertising in Kokui narrowly focused and useful.

Web services owners traditionally use Yandex.Direct or Google AdSense for monetization, but auto advertising is not a solution. It base ads on search queries. Looking for winter tires — you will see a commercial of tire centers in half of the visited sites during the next week. Such advertising works rarely, it is irrelevant, people ignore it.

Kokui is different. We abandoned automated systems in favor of a careful, thoughtful approach. We don't sell advertising space, and invite companies to cooperate. Each proposal will be held for manual processing and we will set a location for each banner. The advertisement will be seen only by those who are probably interested in the proposal. Visitors get the unobtrusive and benefit and the advertiser gets the targeting of his message.

We invite suppliers of goods and services useful for Kokui visitors to cooperate. For questions regarding advertising please write us.

We don't have a price list yet, the conditions are determined individually. We are ready to work for barter with companies that have well-developed communities. In gratitude for the fact that you follow the Kokui, the first two applicants during the next ten days will get the banners placement in November for free!

When distance is not an obstacle

Note No.21 03th September, 2015 #
3D model of the office.
3D model of the office.
Office plan.
Office plan.

We've launched new client's office in a hundred kilometers from Velikiy Novgorod.

The task was to organize the work of the company from scratch. We conducted requirements audit, choose the appropriate hardware and software, organized the order and delivery to the office. We also participated in issues of redevelopment office areas, wiring, providing the internet and other related tasks.

For LAN design and layout of workplaces we have developed a three-dimensional model of the office and amounted the technical specifications for construction and service organizations.

At this moment we are finishing the testing infrastructure in place.

As a result, the company received a server group for special tasks and mail service, domain structure and computer park with full range of office equipment, direct VPN-channel with nonresident counterparty.

During operation we have improved communications inside our team and with partners, built a system of contacts with the remote client, applied methods for division of roles and acceleration of works.

Good planning and an established partner network allow us to execute the project within one calendar month. From now on we will delight the customer with our support!

Alternative way

Note No.20 25th August, 2015 #
One of the first Kokui mindmaps.
One of the first Kokui mindmaps.

Kokui is not a competitor of real estate agencies.

Tit or crane is a closed issue. From childhood we are taught that “the best” is worse than “good”. It is time to revise the postulates.

A familiar situation: you go on a shopping center parking lot, looking for a free space and finding doubts — may be you can find a spot closer to the entrance. Some people give up and park there, others go further. It may sound ridiculous on such a scale, but it is an expression of attitudes. Some are looking for new opportunities, others are content available. Number of the second ones is bigger.

There is the same situation with the real estate. Working through the agency is clear and let costly, but for some is acceptable. The others agree because they don't see the alternative way.

We do Kokui to reveal this alternative way. The owners should understand that they can work without intermediaries. But Kokui is not the opposition of the competent realtor. A true professional in demand in any industry, but amateurs should grow professionally or change the scope of activities.

At first, Kokui is a bulletin board. Then we will implement additional services. We have twenty of it into our “road map”. Looking ahead, we see Kokui as a single starting point for the basic real estate activities.

Friedrich Engels formulated the law of development of human society: quantity turns into quality. Vector is set, work in full swing — the success is inevitable!

Constant development

Note No.19 05th August, 2015 #
Kokui poster at the “SC Volna”.
Kokui poster at the “SC Volna”.

Work in full swing on all fronts.

Kokui is gaining momentum. The number of items and subscribers grows. Advertising at VK communities pays off. It was hard to determine the day and time to start, so we used our thoughts and conjectures. We've selected the Friday evening. Commentators reacted to the title with humor, and one thought it was an abuse. Seems we've have calculated correctly.

We also have placed posters at the shopping center “Volna”. We thank its administration for a personal offer!

Kokui not ignored by agencies. One of it already placed 26 objects. We design the locking mechanism.

The development team is testing GitLab and adapted flexible methodology.

Department of automation is not losing ground. Two colleagues finished the training and apply their knowledge in practice. In addition to ongoing operations, we are working on the problems of one existing and one new customer.

Technical service also does not sleep. We conduct an audit of the premises, design LAN infrastructure and prepare a proposal of equipment and software for a new customer. Most likely we'll describe the project in a separate post.

Atom may seem defocused — we work in five parallel directions. But this approach with a wide range of services is worth it. Through the Atom-Plastic we've got access to a potential customer for other two directions. Working on it!

Work, rest

Note No.18 23th July, 2015 #

Kokui team took a breather, the other brancher work.

Summer is vacation season. And since this summer is not real summer in Novgorod, the Kokui developers group took a breather after the rapid start. It is useful to stop for a while and analyze the work done.

Today we see the increase of the number of ads without our active participation. We've launched radio ads before the break and got a nice bonus of Pryamaya rech, thanks Andrew! The rest of the week it will remain in its current form, later we'll conduct the experiments.

Vacation is not idle time. The analysis of the experience reinforces the desire to systematize processes. We implemented Behata few days before. Now we select the methodology. Since the project is unusual for us, we sympathize the Scrum. The proposed iterative approach and short sprints help to identify incorrect ideas earlier, adjusting the development of the project. However, it is focused on the larger teams. Think further.

Other Atom branches are working properly despite the fact that some of the employees are on vacation, the other part are on the training. The web department updated Teplostroy website. Technical department designed a system of video communication between the client companies and is preparing to launch it. The automation department continues CIS global update, raking gifts in the form of the ever-changing requirements of submitted reporting. So, the work goes on.

Kokui weekdays

Note No.16 10th July, 2015 #

What we are doing on the project briefly.

It is difficult to distract from development of the project, to inform you about the development. So we'll do it today briefly and we'll try to inform you regularly from now on.

The code

We are conducting a continuous revision of the code. However, it's invisible to the visitors. We've also debugged a teamwork for competent, painless code upgrade.


1. The commercial for radio is recorded today. You'll hear it soon (if you're in Novgorod =).
2. We tried the telephone calls. Subscribers are afraid. They suspect the fraud because of too much free attention.
3. Messaging at VK and emailing are useful. We do not send spam. It takes a lot of time to write a personal proposal. And even in this case, VK freezes our account for suspicious frequency. Sometimes we faced with aggressive recipients. Working on it.
4. We placed ads in a couple of groups at VK for the name popularization.

5. We placed ad at novjob.ru. The conversion rate was low, but Kokui's logo became more familiar now.
6. We placed some promotional cards (thanks to Atom-Plastic) at the cafe. Analyzing conversion rate, exploring new options.

We plan to expand the marketing. There are a lot of thoughts about it.
The fact is Kokui were noticed. We know that it's added to the agencies database now =)


We collect a feedback, save feature requests, plan the improvements, think up the rules for determining and screening agencies.
Meetings on the development of the project led to new friendships. The first result of cooperation is implementation the videos about objects. You'll see other fresh updates soon!


Kokuy is a new project for us. It combines B2C and web development. We savor every step, aware of the benefits given by the project — consequently, we go the right way!


Note No.15 05th July, 2015 #

Our new project about the real estate of Novgorod region.

We’re pleased to tell you about the launch of “Kokui” — a web project about buying, selling and renting real estate in the Novgorod region. Now we’ve launched the first part of the service — a bulletin board, the next ones are more interesting.

As the saying goes, if you do not feel ashamed for the first version of the product, you have entered the market too late. We constantly refine the usability and functionality, build marketing and design the Kokui features. We plan to cover all the project aspects in the Atom journal.

We’ve designed the project basis, defined the common concept and made a design a couple of years earlier. And we've started in the midst of the economic crisis in general and of the real estate market in particular, with such a serious competitors like Avito.

How and why — will tell later. This post is just announcement. Stay tuned!

Let the Youth Chamber be

Note No.12 06th April, 2015 #
The Duma session in the process.
The Duma session in the process.

The results of the online voting conducted by the Duma of Veliky Novgorod with our support.

Today, at a special meeting the composition of the Youth Chamber of the Duma of Veliky Novgorod, defined by a vote supported by us, was approved.

March 29 Duma held the first internet-voting this magnitude on its website. We were ready to meet the discontent of the “sofa analysts” both before and after the vote. We were not surprised by the result.

Voting procedures was soft — there was only one limitation: visitor could leave the vote only once per hour. But the first ten minutes showed us that the candidates (not everyone) have decided to play unfairly.

As a result, almost quarter of all registered votes did not meet the rules of determination the doubtful ones:
- IP-address of the voter does not apply to Russia;
- several votes left during one hour with the same device, but with the different IP-addresses.

Following the event, we have prepared and published a detailed and clear report of the voting process. Some curious information can be found in it. Ror example, it showed that one of the candidates doubtful votes quantity reached almost 59%, most of it came during the last thirty minutes of voting. Of course, his (or any other candidate) relatives or friends can leave outside of Russia. However, it is doubtful that they live in more than twenty-five countries.

Granted freedom not only unleashed the cheaters, it also lulled their vigilance, allowing us to easily identify questionable votes and advice the Duma not to count it. And despite numerous baseless remarks in the forums and in the local media, today deputies recognized the validity of our recommendations and approved the composition of the Youth Chamber.

This vote — the second one we've supported — allowed to identify bottlenecks and develop a set of recommendations for the organizers. The next time it will be much more difficult to cheat ;)

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