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Note No.16 10th July, 2015

What we are doing on the project briefly.

It is difficult to distract from development of the project, to inform you about the development. So we'll do it today briefly and we'll try to inform you regularly from now on.

The code

We are conducting a continuous revision of the code. However, it's invisible to the visitors. We've also debugged a teamwork for competent, painless code upgrade.


1. The commercial for radio is recorded today. You'll hear it soon (if you're in Novgorod =).
2. We tried the telephone calls. Subscribers are afraid. They suspect the fraud because of too much free attention.
3. Messaging at VK and emailing are useful. We do not send spam. It takes a lot of time to write a personal proposal. And even in this case, VK freezes our account for suspicious frequency. Sometimes we faced with aggressive recipients. Working on it.
4. We placed ads in a couple of groups at VK for the name popularization.

5. We placed ad at novjob.ru. The conversion rate was low, but Kokui's logo became more familiar now.
6. We placed some promotional cards (thanks to Atom-Plastic) at the cafe. Analyzing conversion rate, exploring new options.

We plan to expand the marketing. There are a lot of thoughts about it.
The fact is Kokui were noticed. We know that it's added to the agencies database now =)


We collect a feedback, save feature requests, plan the improvements, think up the rules for determining and screening agencies.
Meetings on the development of the project led to new friendships. The first result of cooperation is implementation the videos about objects. You'll see other fresh updates soon!


Kokuy is a new project for us. It combines B2C and web development. We savor every step, aware of the benefits given by the project — consequently, we go the right way!

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