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Note No.18 23th July, 2015

Kokui team took a breather, the other brancher work.

Summer is vacation season. And since this summer is not real summer in Novgorod, the Kokui developers group took a breather after the rapid start. It is useful to stop for a while and analyze the work done.

Today we see the increase of the number of ads without our active participation. We've launched radio ads before the break and got a nice bonus of Pryamaya rech, thanks Andrew! The rest of the week it will remain in its current form, later we'll conduct the experiments.

Vacation is not idle time. The analysis of the experience reinforces the desire to systematize processes. We implemented Behata few days before. Now we select the methodology. Since the project is unusual for us, we sympathize the Scrum. The proposed iterative approach and short sprints help to identify incorrect ideas earlier, adjusting the development of the project. However, it is focused on the larger teams. Think further.

Other Atom branches are working properly despite the fact that some of the employees are on vacation, the other part are on the training. The web department updated Teplostroy website. Technical department designed a system of video communication between the client companies and is preparing to launch it. The automation department continues CIS global update, raking gifts in the form of the ever-changing requirements of submitted reporting. So, the work goes on.

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