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Eight now

Note No.40 16th May, 2017 #
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Regardless of the weather, Atom celebrated its eighth birthday.

Overcast, rain and cold are not hindrance if the team is feeling positive. In order to worsen, we've decided to dive into water, slush and off-road.

The company “Kvadropiter” equip us by ATVs and instructor Nikita, who accompanied us through the forests, the hills, the fords and smashed trails during our three hours trip. A storm of adrenaline, new emotions and picturesque surroundings enthralled! Two colleagues opened the swimming season right on the ATV in their clothes =)

So, we've started the ninth year. Plans, as usual, are enormous, the batteries are recharged!

Corporate library

Note No.39 17th March, 2017 #

NBM Group started a library on our initiative and with our support.

· Improving the professional level of staff literacy and erudition without distraction from work.
· Initiation of self-education. The formation of the learning environment. Reducing the cost of training.
· Engaging employees in the company-oriented development. Stimulating the search of ideas for optimization and development.
· The union, the creation of an atmosphere of common interest in the case, the exchange of experience and information. Mediated implementation of corporate standards.
· Development and support of communication outside threads — improving understanding.
· Formation of knowledge bank, the foundation for the development of a learning organization. Generating effective managerial decisions.
· Increase the employee loyalty.

The first books were (and we highly recommend to read it):
· 45 tattoos of manager — Maxim Batyrev.
· 45 tattoos of prodavan — Maxim Batyrev.
· Customers for life — Carl Sewell and Paul Brown.
· Delivering happiness — Tony Hsieh.
· REWORK — Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.
· Agreed — Maxim Batyrev, Igor Mann, Anna Turusina.
· Write, reduce — Maxim Iliyakhov, Lyudmila Sarycheva.
· Deadline — Tom DeMarco.
· Screw it, let's do it — Richard Branson.
· The goal — Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox.
· 7 habits of highly effective people — Steven R. Covey.

The companies and the employees themselves will fill the library. We also entered the league of reading companies of the publishing house “MIF”.

We thank the leadership of the NBM Group for the attention to the issue and sensitivity to the lives of employees.


Note No.38 30th January, 2017 #

Our potential customers regularly face the mistrust of the phenomenon. Let's look at it closer.

The concept of IT-outsourcing

“Outsourcing” means the transfer of functions to an external contractor, the involvement of specialists from outside. The IT-outsourcing began in the 1970s, when entrepreneurs used the services of special data centers in order to save their money. They did not spend money on expensive equipment, staff, and focused on business development.

Fears and myths

IT-outsourcing does more harm than good — why do companies worry about it? Why don't they outsource some services, preferring for months, and even years, to look for full-time employees? Let us consider some aspects.

1. It's expensive

Let's count: full-time IT-specialist receives a salary, the employer pays for the pension and other contributions, sick leave and holidays. Don't forget about the time for employee training, as well as indirect costs. The outsourced specialist never sick (his replacement is the job of the outsourcer), go on vacation, does not require additional expenses — contract maintenance clarity about the nuances and locks the cost of services. The estimated savings of the customer is about 40%.

2. A staff member is closer

Partly true. But what to do when multiple computers fail? Or when several persons simultaneously need help? Usually count of IT-staff of the company is less than the outsourcer's ones with a clear specialization. So, own reaction rate will be lower and the competence of the company's staff is always lower than of a group of professionals in narrow fields.

3. Freelance administrator is ok

Example 1. Arkady is a master of system administration. It comes when you need something to connect, set up or clean up. He comes solely out of necessity, however, summing up the year, the cost of the work of Arkady are significantly higher than expected. The question is why? Because he don't fix the issues. Arkady does not pre-empted problems, repairing them on the go. He rarely knows the whole situation and certainly not interested in trouble-free work of the company: no calls — no charges.

Example 2. The virus is in the customer's network blocked the urgent work. Need Arkady, who, alas, is unavailable. For example, resting or busy with another customer. At the end, the work is worth, the company loses customers and money. Conclusion: the contract with the company that provides IT-services. Specialists of the company-outsourcer always connected and if one is busy, the second one will perform the obligations under the contract.

4. Everything works well

Our experience says that it's misleading.

The company's network consists of 10 computers and a simple network equipment. Company doesn't use the services of an IT-specialist, everything works fine. Sometimes, though, computers crash. Employees have to restart the programs couple times a day. Part of third-party services sometimes unavailable. At this time, the queue of dissatisfied customers increases. Some leave. Forever. The firm loses time, money, customers and reputation. A competent IT-outsourcer will comprehensively determine the situation, will create an optimal plan for solving problems, will select and implement appropriate solutions, and then will provide a close monitoring of the built system performance that is inexpensive.

5. The fear of information leakage, loss of control

The outsourcing company is fully responsible for the contractual obligations performance. If there are some doubts with the quality of services, third-party audit will eliminate them. The auditor is usually a competitor for outsourcer, so he is interested to find the flaws.


The basic prejudice are dispelled. Still not sure? Free express-audit will allow you to assess our competence and adequacy. In any case, it's easy, inexpensive and not in vain to try. So why not?

Bye, the sixteenth!

Note No.37 31th December, 2016 #

A few words about the past year and the estimations for the next one.

Summing up 2016 for the Atom, there is a clear consolidation vector. We tightly joined the group of companies “NBM”, strengthening the occupied niche. Established communication, respect the colleagues and commitment to a common goal will certainly bring success. Working at the group, we see the main purpose of the Atom in assistance with it: automating and streamlining business interactions within the companies and between it.

At the end of the year the staff had changed, but the skeleton of the company remained the same. We save ones who are ready and willing to grow and develop, however, the same benchmarks became the reason of losing a colleague. Once we had to say goodbye to Alexandra and return her back, and now we have to part with her again. We hope that this is the last time — Sasha, we wish you a successful assimilation in the new country! So, we need a competent marketer again, waiting for summaries.

Our managing director is developing his new role. We glad to see and strongly support the desire for growth and development. Keep it up, Sergey!

In total: we have lots of tasks and lots of plans. We wish the readers of our journal and those who follow us in social networks, the interesting, ambitious and all-consuming tasks, the continuous development and new achievements. Happy New Year!

The website of LLC “Promtekhreshenie”

Note No.36 28th November, 2016 #
The website of LLC “Promtekhreshenie”

Despite the disruptions, the company acquired its internet-face.

The company produces and sells pipe fittings. It differs from similar with own design solutions and allowing the Russian production only: from raw material to the assembly.

LLC “Promtekhreshenie” is the official representative and partner of the CJSC “Splav-M”. This partnership is an interweaving of fifteen years experience with new technological solutions. A curious symbiosis is reflected in the design of the site, unusual for companies of this kind.

We wish the company success and a bold new achievements!


Note No.35 27th September, 2016 #
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We are different, but united regarding to a healthy lifestyle.

Some of us regularly go to work on foot, it can be four or even ten kilometers, the others use bicycle for it. Some run over tens and hundreds of kilometers a year, some engaged in the gym for years, and the only one colleague-smoker has switched to electronic cigarettes.

Atom supports positive initiatives, so we do not ignore the World Day without a car and help in sports events, such as Sunday's grappling and MMA tournament.

Managed well

Note No.34 23th August, 2016 #
Managed well

The most important signature without an attorney.

On Friday, August 19, our managing director Sergey Khokhlov had married!

We sincerely congratulate the young family. We wish understanding, patience and willingness to compromise that is the key to long and happy life together in addition to good luck and a lot of children !

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