Note No.38 30th January, 2017 #

Our potential customers regularly face the mistrust of the phenomenon. Let's look at it closer.

The concept of IT-outsourcing

“Outsourcing” means the transfer of functions to an external contractor, the involvement of specialists from outside. The IT-outsourcing began in the 1970s, when entrepreneurs used the services of special data centers in order to save their money. They did not spend money on expensive equipment, staff, and focused on business development.

Fears and myths

IT-outsourcing does more harm than good — why do companies worry about it? Why don't they outsource some services, preferring for months, and even years, to look for full-time employees? Let us consider some aspects.

1. It's expensive

Let's count: full-time IT-specialist receives a salary, the employer pays for the pension and other contributions, sick leave and holidays. Don't forget about the time for employee training, as well as indirect costs. The outsourced specialist never sick (his replacement is the job of the outsourcer), go on vacation, does not require additional expenses — contract maintenance clarity about the nuances and locks the cost of services. The estimated savings of the customer is about 40%.

2. A staff member is closer

Partly true. But what to do when multiple computers fail? Or when several persons simultaneously need help? Usually count of IT-staff of the company is less than the outsourcer's ones with a clear specialization. So, own reaction rate will be lower and the competence of the company's staff is always lower than of a group of professionals in narrow fields.

3. Freelance administrator is ok

Example 1. Arkady is a master of system administration. It comes when you need something to connect, set up or clean up. He comes solely out of necessity, however, summing up the year, the cost of the work of Arkady are significantly higher than expected. The question is why? Because he don't fix the issues. Arkady does not pre-empted problems, repairing them on the go. He rarely knows the whole situation and certainly not interested in trouble-free work of the company: no calls — no charges.

Example 2. The virus is in the customer's network blocked the urgent work. Need Arkady, who, alas, is unavailable. For example, resting or busy with another customer. At the end, the work is worth, the company loses customers and money. Conclusion: the contract with the company that provides IT-services. Specialists of the company-outsourcer always connected and if one is busy, the second one will perform the obligations under the contract.

4. Everything works well

Our experience says that it's misleading.

The company's network consists of 10 computers and a simple network equipment. Company doesn't use the services of an IT-specialist, everything works fine. Sometimes, though, computers crash. Employees have to restart the programs couple times a day. Part of third-party services sometimes unavailable. At this time, the queue of dissatisfied customers increases. Some leave. Forever. The firm loses time, money, customers and reputation. A competent IT-outsourcer will comprehensively determine the situation, will create an optimal plan for solving problems, will select and implement appropriate solutions, and then will provide a close monitoring of the built system performance that is inexpensive.

5. The fear of information leakage, loss of control

The outsourcing company is fully responsible for the contractual obligations performance. If there are some doubts with the quality of services, third-party audit will eliminate them. The auditor is usually a competitor for outsourcer, so he is interested to find the flaws.


The basic prejudice are dispelled. Still not sure? Free express-audit will allow you to assess our competence and adequacy. In any case, it's easy, inexpensive and not in vain to try. So why not?

Without a rival

Note No.29 05th April, 2016 #

About the companiy uniqueness.

Working almost seven years in our industry, expertise and geography, Atom has not found the competitors. And it's not because of the niche narrowness.

The term “rivalry” is defined by russian part of Wikipedia as the competition in any field in order to obtain benefits. Atom is not unique, but there are defitinely no similar companies in Velikiy Novgorod. The point is in the definition of this benefits.

Typical companies select simply the financial profit or capitalization as an aim of its business. We are not the same. It may sound bombastic, but our aim is the satisfaction of our customers, participating in interesting projects and achieving ambitious strategic goals.

The company's profitability is a major component of successful functioning, however, in our case it is only the result of policies, not a goal. Yes, we use the opportunities given to us by membership in the NBM Group. And yes, these opportunities are a rarity. But thanks to it, the quality of our services is a priori higher than those who work for the sake of survival, or, much worse, for show.

And while some flaunt about three integration projects, two of which are ridiculous, and the third one is the reason of litigation in three instances with the customer, we are continuing our ongoing fruitful work.

Current activities, new projects, and current Atom restructuring does not leave time for this journal. Soon we will correct this occasion or will close a section, as faithful to the principle of “do well or not do”.

11 months until 2017

Note No.28 01th February, 2016 #

A three-hour trip on the Sapsan — the right time to draw a couple of thoughts.

The reason for the silence is respectful. The last year results and a bold new plan have identified a number of necessary reforms. We spent the first working weeks of the year to review processes and changes planning. After all, we are for evolution, not revolution.

The changes will affect the company's structure, staff (only growth), we will highlight the departments centers and will focus efforts on expanding each one individually. The other way seems strange, but almost all believe in a single vector of development, the merging of departments in the work on the projects while the company is small. But the lessons learned, systematize the views arising from the books and communication with mentors, change the paradigm. New course dictates new rules, and we accept the challenge.

In addition to planning innovation and maintenance of ongoing projects, we've already faced with an increased volume of offers. Word of mouth reaches new destinations. We are not ready to compromise on quality, that's why we have to refuse some projects. We plan to update the structure and rules of procedure to increase the effectiveness and it's result — the ability to create much more cool stuff.

Dog in the manger

Note No.26 19th November, 2015 #

About the passive search agency.

Real estate agency work on two principles according to the reward payer. One of the Novgorod agency takes money only from owners.

The business idea is primitive. Hanging banner at the entrance to the place, they get a win-win position. A potential tenant calls to the number on the banner and in the case of transaction agency fees are paid by the owner, he was ready. The problem is solved, but not the optimal way. Th  work of the agency is to take a call. It will also check the object in its demand database, and in the case of client visits the office it can provide information. The owner waits not such a passive job. This variant would have the right to exist, but it interferes with fair competition with other agencies and, indirectly, worsens the owners position.

Agency feels relaxed while it is “looking for the tenant”. If the owner turned to another agency and it showed the place to the client, seeing the phone number on the banner, client will call it, having a deal through the passive agency — the owner will pay, not he. Realizing this, no adequate agent will work with the object, as long as banner hangs at the entrance.

Banners, being hung in many areas of the city, creates the imaginary effect of omnipresence and “greatness” of the passive agency. Summing up: the passive agency gets easy money or free advertising, deterring other agencies and let dust in the eyes of the owners.

Transactions without intermediaries are more profitable, and this alternative is provided by Kokui. Developing, it will close all the transaction aspects.

We are not against the agencies, but the development of the Internet sets new standards that will drive some of it from the game. Accelerate the birth of a new era — spread the link to Kokui, our pages on Facebook and VK, this post — help your relatives and friends to save their money. Give them a logical alternative.

The tools

Note No.22 14th September, 2015 #

Our assistants in planning and achieving goals.

Communication is a workflow basis. Inside the Atom we use a number of information systems to address emerging challenges.

Four major customers use the Synapse. It's request system keeps track of tasks and consumables. Technical service and automation department get everyday tasks from Synapse. And the regular internal briefs and client meetings set the direction of work.

Wunderlist helps us with strategic planning. Easy project management, collaborate on tasks, comments and other necessary aspects coupled with the client for all platforms make it a reliable assistant.

Operational communication supports by Telegram, that replaced the Skype for us. Easy file sharing, group work and voice messages make a small tasks solution enjoyable.

A couple of weeks ago we started to use Trello for Kokui. Selecting the scrum methodology, we keep track of sprints in it. Judging by the developer's blog, the potential of the tool is not limited by it. We hypothetically consider Trello as a potential alternative to Wanderlist due to the recent acquisition of it by Microsoft.

Now, depending on urgency and volume of the tasks we use: voice/telephone, Telegram, email, Wunderlist/Trello. We leave Microsoft Project and other monsters to huge guys and those who play them =)

About the partnership

Note No.13 29th April, 2015 #

Spam is for non pro.

We receive partnership offers regularly. It is great because we always strive to improve the quality and expand the range of services offered. Therefore, reliable, professional partners are always needed.

Unfortunately, the quantity of “business coaches” greatly increased. As in any business, there are a bit of professionals among them. As a result, most of them are the charlatans who earn money by telling a stories about how to make a money. A direct consequence of popularization is of goofy cold roll calls as the evolution of sales.

Today we've received three calls and that's not the  limit. Every talk is about the same: the banal imposing of unnecessary services. It is so not because they are really unnecessary (for example the concrete supply for us, the IT-company), but because formulaic, impersonal attitude is perceived by us as a lack of respect.

One thing about the specifics. We can confidently say that word of mouth is one of the best ways to share the information. Despite the fact that we are not working with the construction, write us if you sell a good concrete. We are in contact with representatives of various businesses. Some of them can be interested in your services. But do not send a broadcast spam.

The general recommendation — do not think stereotyped (think different ;). Do not call rigidly scripted, practicing objections as it is written in the manual, this is ridiculous. At least you will be pleased to do something, to bring benefit and not be trivial repeater working on quantity rather than quality. By the way, a phrase like “I'll call you back in a two weeks” means only one thing — I will add your phone number to blacklist. We read all incoming correspondence and we will react if (when) we are interested in your offer.

Finally, accent correctly. If you are targeting the masses, your offer is not for us, it's for those who order the sites costed five thousand rubles via ads found at the fences. And if you focus on thinking people then show your respect. Summing up, stay real. Do not use stupid spam letters and phone calls. Just let the potential customer know about you and be able to find you when he'll want. If your product or service is worth, the success will come soon!

About automation

Note No.7 04th October, 2014 #

Understanding the technology.

In the modern high-tech economy up to 90% of all jobs can be replaced by machines.

Release people from the slavery, the ignorance — that's the main point of the technology.

Take a look at it as a performance of employee productivity expansion. To make the processes automatic, carried out without human intervention, is quite expensive, but to make the first step, to automate it, you may and really need right now.

We will be glad to help with your business modernization. We are ready to acquire new competences — we have a basis and an initiative in excess!

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