Good luck, NRTV!

Note No.9 15th December, 2014

About termination of the contract with RSAC “Novgorod regional TV”.

May 17, 2010 between the LLC “IT Controls” and ANO “Novgorod regional TV”, an agreement was signed for the site development.

A lot has happened since then. We were constantly expanding the functionality for visitors benefits: we've designed voting, established Radio-53 and television live streaming, worked the site usability. The control panel has become a powerful centre, allowing the customer to solve a number of tasks quickly, easily, on their own.

Interesting moments alternated with difficulties, however, the formula of our partnership has always remained the same: mutual respect, trust and focus on the quality of the product.

Since then, both companies had changed the names and the management. And this month, unfortunately, due to circumstances, the contract between RSAC “Novgorod regional TV” and LLC “Atom” terminates.

We thank Alexander Malkevich, who started the project with us, Alexander, Alexandra Khmeliovy and Tatiana Moshchenko for openness, focus on results and always pleasant communication, and current CEO, Dmitriy Vertkov, striving for improvements.

Good luck, NRTV!
We believe that everything will be okay and we plan to cooperate in the future!

P.S. The Previous version of the website can be seen at nt.byatom.com.

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