We are five!

Note No.3 19th May, 2014
We are five!, photo 1
We are five!, photo 2
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Atom celebrated its 5th anniversary by visiting adventure park near Valday.

On the 15th of May, 2009 we have founded our company “IT Controls”. Since then many things have changed. We have been growing by implementing large and interesting projects and solving tremendous tasks. We have strengthened our position at the market and currently looking for new perspectives.

Our company’s staff has been growing more and less, but the strongest employees have remained with us and formed a well-established core. Now there are 12 ambitious professionals in our tight-knit team, who are ready to undertake a project of any complexity.

Five years is already a milestone. This date must be memorized, that’s why we have decided to go out in an adventure park near Valday.

We shot with bow, flung spears, fought with pillows, climbed all over the park and ate delicious meat. We would like to thank Vadim, manager of the park, for warm welcome! We definitely recommend visiting this park.

Now when we have got great mood and positive energy for the next year, we are ready for new challenges!

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