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Note No.2 02th April, 2014

Short story about us, our strategy, goals, priorities, vision, branches and cooperation.

01. About us

Atom is a union of people with similar principles and attitudes.
We focused not only on the financial result, but the production the improvements.
LLC “Atom” was founded in Veliky Novgorod in may 2009 by the separation of the IT-department of the machinery company. Since then, a lot of large businesses and small companies have become our customers.
There are 12 of us. We all are experienced specialists in our fields, and we are ready to undertake projects of any complexity.

02. Brand strategy

We differ. Not so much on the range of offered solutions, but on the our vision. We promote quality. Our rule is — if we accept a project, we do it well.
We are very attentive to our customers. Its problems and challenges are ours. Starting the work, we become an informal part of a team, share aspirations and objectives set by the management.
Each competence is based on our long term experience. The proposed solution is optimal, but the concept of optimality is overriden by us. We consider the optimal solution with maximum quality, adequate time spent and reasonable price. We do not focus on the lower-price segment, but this does not mean that prices are unreasonably high. It fully comply with the quality of the final product.
We work for those, who knows, what he wants, and who understand that truly literate, thoughtful solutions are not cheap.
We can develop systems from scratch and by elimination of all unnecessary parts from a powerful but redundant systems. Each task has its own specifics and is solved individually.
Our vision of business differs from the typical Russian. Our interests are at the intersection of finance and reputation, but the latter has the higher priority. Like any business, we are interested in profit. However, the more important for us are self-fulfillment at work and customer satisfaction.
Received financial benefits reinvested into the business. This allows us to improve constantly and to reach new heights in the already occupied and new niches.
Our business is transparent and clear for the customer. We are open for dialogue and always ready to meet and to discuss all aspects of cooperation.
We operate not from theory but from life. Our solutions really work and are not there for show!

03. Our goals

We are ambitious and aimed to create a big, reputable company that will have the value in the industry. We want to bring something new to it.
We create a solid business structure, supported by a team from the inside, able to scale up and replicate itself and proposed solutions.
As the market Novgorod is limited, in 2014 we plan to enter the markets of St. Petersburg and its nearest cities-satellites. Solutions made for customers in our city will become the base for further projects.
We want to make an IT-revolution, to show that high technologies can cover every niche.
Our interests are far beyond the famous automation. We are ready to develop IT-solutions for any task. We are interested to try the new things.
In principle, the niches, optimized and automated by us, can become the new branches of our business.

04. Our priorities

– Openness and attention to the customer,
– harmony of functionality and minimalism in the proposed solutions,
– innovative vision.

05. The concept of our vision

Minimum sufficiency, elegance in simplicity, focus on content: beauty is in the details. Our mission is to bring harmony and order in it.
The usual things can be much easier!

06. Branches

Atom is eclectic. The branches listed at the main page are only the general ones. Simultaneously we develop our own products — “Synapse”, “Real estate of Novgorod the Great” — and analyze new niches, choosing the next to occupy.

07. Cooperation

We are always open to cooperation in the IT-sphere!
Over the years we have accumulated not only wide experience but a lot of contacts among the suppliers of goods and services: suppliers of hardware and software, service companies, design-studios and free artists, printing houses, etc. Each one is tested by time, therefore we ensure that the quality, cost and terms offered by our partners are the best in town!

+7 (8162) 605-635

3 Rechnaya st.
Velikiy Novgorod
173009, Russia
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